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9 Eldo- battery went dead- lights flash now

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Hi! I am working with my Moms 97 Eldo and it won't engage the starter. A brief history- the hvac fan quit working so they quit driving it, it sat since last summer, the battery went dead. I went to work on it and charged the battery ( a known good battery), and also tried jumper cables. The car will power up, the dash lights cycle, the air ride pumps up, I get power to the starter relay under the hood by the strut tower, but there is no power to the purple starter wire. I know the starter will work, I jumped 12v to that wire and kicked it a little.

ALSO after cycling the key the hazzard flasher relay clicks in like three to four 60 second cycles, flashing the tail, marker, and under hood lights. The security light in the dash just tests on when I turn the key on then goes out.

I am sure there is a simple explanation I am just missing it. I have scoured the internet with these symptoms and found nothing.



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Check your battery connections good. They will cause weird issues. Take them apart, pull the boots off, clean them good and put in a known good battery.


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If you charged the battery that has been dead since last summer, I would install a known good battery and attempt to start the car. If that does not work, I'd have a starter rebuilder check the starter - the solenoid may be bad.

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