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  1. Phillip Hastings

    First Chrome Caddy?

    Wraps are the thing! Especially when a professional does it!
  2. Phillip Hastings

    Ebay: Cadillac: SRX Performance

    E85 is 85% ethanol?
  3. New Cadillac CT6 would be an awesome thing to own!
  4. Phillip Hastings

    Rare 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, #151 of 400 built

    That's so beautiful and rare!
  5. Phillip Hastings

    GM News Feed: Five GM Vehicles Named Best for Fleets in America

    Glad to see one of my favorite trucks on the list - Siera Pickup
  6. Phillip Hastings

    CT6 Middle East Press Briefing

    Love the rear head room!
  7. Phillip Hastings

    He went to autozone

    She's a keeper I tell you!
  8. Phillip Hastings

    LT7 Engine coming?

    That one screams POWER!
  9. Phillip Hastings

    #Cadillac Chat 2016-05-12

    Are these cars for sale?
  10. Phillip Hastings

    Cadillac Man finds his fave -- a '48 convertible

    Any pictures here?
  11. Phillip Hastings

    Cadillac News: 2014 Cadillac XTS Packs Twin Turbo Power

    Anyone knows what year is this one? Also, is it really THE fastest Cadillac?
  12. Phillip Hastings

    BMW X4M40i vs ATS-V dragrace

    Both had great sprints to 62 mph.
  13. Phillip Hastings

    2017 CTS-V Changes

    What' the teen driver?
  14. I had a similar probem it turned out to be the coolant pipes or smth.. To complicated for me I had to take it to a professional...