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They don't make them like they used to!

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This is shocking how badly the passenger compartment is penetrated. We have come a long way

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Ouch. I drove a 1959 Chevrolet sedan for seven years. It hurt to see the car destroyed that way.

The collision illustrated is the test that is the hardest safety test for any car to do well, because only a portion of the car must absorb all the crash momentum. But the views of 2009 Malibu seemed to show that the driver would likely escape injury, although the leg area wasn't shown. The interior shot showed that the steering wheel stayed put and the air bag did its job well.

I think the point of the test is that very few of the pre-1970 cars could pass a lot of modern safety tests, including those that simulate common serious accident situations like the one in the video. The old concept of the engine area as crush distance doesn't work very well when only a portion of it is involved as in the test shown in the video, which happen a lot. Going through my list of cars from my youth, none of them would have done well until at least the late 1970's, possibly later.

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