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1st time driving my semi today

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Got my temporary drivers permit for my CDL. Took my first drive today in my used semi car hauler. It's definitely not a Cadillac. I guess from what my brother said who was riding with me it's a better driving and riding truck than his.

It'll take done getting used to, glad I went driving it much, only when my driver is on vacation or maybe short trips in town to drop off or load cars.

I bought a 2012 peterbilt with a 2013 trailer. Holy crud talk about torque. I short shifted because it was empty but never went above 1300 rpm.

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Nice; congrats. Is that a 389 then? Do professional trucks have detailed maintenance logs, and/or now do you start some sort of maintenance plan for the equipment? Is there any kind of business software that is used to plan out and account for the truck business?



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My truck is a 388, it's an evolution of 379. Just the old school square look. Not too much of the aero style.

The truck only has 280k miles on it. I did receive all the previous maintenance logs with it. I just follow the factory recommendations for the services. Annually you need to have a trucks get a department of transportation inspection and then you get a sticker to put on the side of the truck.

I'm sure there are programs out there to manage the business, but with car hauling it's a little bit different than just hauling a trailer and either getting unloaded at a dock or just dropping trailer and picking up another. Of the 9 cars I'm capable of hauling it seems to be that only 3-4 would be for the same customer each trip. Some trips that my brother runs all 9 cars are for a different client. I'm just following my brothers business model and using the accountant he uses for the financial side. For the compliance side of the truck I am using a company that does it all. And they have 24 hour assistance, just in case there a problem at a weigh station or a roadside truck inspection, hopefully never for an accident. Any and all permits are handled through them.

There are a lot more to running a semi truck then I ever imagined. To have your own company take the mental thought of dumb trucker and throw that out the window. It takes quite a bit to do this, being a company driver that's for the dumb trucker. To run your own truck you have to set up a LLC, then with the DOT you need to set up your own authority for each state you will drive in. I have mine assert up for eat of the Mississippi, if I go anywhere else the company told me out Tasha a few days to add other states. Plus more money. Then some states like Kentucky you need additional registration. Then there is fuel tax permits, know as IFTA.

I'm just glad there are one stop companies to handle all the compliance stuff.

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Congrats and be safe (out there); I think a lot of us think or visualize being a truck driver (and how it would be). I know at my age that that's not going to happen, so keep us posted on how's it's going, and maybe we/I can live vicariously through your experiences a bit (all good I hope). :yupi3ti:


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