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Bruce you asked how I keep all those cars clean, and I said I don't :) But I am making an attempt to keep 2 of them fairly clean. I do have a wash bay in there but they get dirty/dusty easily just sitting. I am building a garage inside the shop to keep some of the particles flying around in there, off of them. Here is a picture of it in the process.


I didn't have the lift buttoned up yet when I came in for the chat, so I took the picture under it, sorry. The shop is getting too full anyway. I have 2 of the walls up and a door framed in, but still need to build headers to hold the south side, before I can put a ceiling on it. I intend to make the ceiling very heavy duty, so I can put large things like that air compressor (behind the 2 cars) up there. Maybe an engine or transmission etc..I will silicone every wall and paint in there, in an attempt to keep it as clean as possible. Everything in the shop I do myself so it will be a while and an adventure getting it done. Putting that lift up could have been a winner on funniest home videos. I'm glad no camera was there!

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In my personal shop where I work on my toys I found using sweeping compound every time I sweep up shop makes a huge difference. The stuff I buy comes in a 15 gallon bucket. Its sawdust/wood shavings with some kind of pink chemical on it.

When someone told me years ago to use sweeping compound I gave them " are you on crack" look. Like I'm not paying for something to spread on my floor that adds to whatever I'm sweeping up.

But its an amazing product. I can push a broom as hard as I want and not dust rolls up. It all clings to pile. My cars and motorcycles stay so much cleaner.

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If you haven't sealed the concrete already, look into that ASAP.

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