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2005 deville overheated,smoke from tail pipe

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No sealer in a bottle will work to seal a headgasket leak - if in fact you do have a headgasket leak.

Do block test on the coolant and a cylinder pressure test to see if exhaust gasses are getting into the coolant.

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There is a Kent Moore/ TimeSert kit to repair the headbolts. That version of Northstar uses the J-42385-2030 kit.

It can be rented.

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I think it's important to mention is that the N* suffers from pulled head bolts, and generally not a failed gasket. That being said, nothing in a bottle will solve the failure in the head clamping force caused by damaged threads in the bolts. Only thing it'll do is make the repair tougher for the rebuilder who will have to clean this gasket sealer out.

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