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Rear suspension 1998 Eldo. Changed upper and lower knuckle bushings, sway bar bushings and link. Had to compress spring quite a bit to achieve correct design trim measurement for distance between lower control arm bushing center of bolt and outside lower knuckle bushing center of bolt. Is this normal? All suspension bolts were loose and weight had to be added ,to keep body from raising before measurement was attained. Torqued everything. Now wheel alignment is screwed up and height is off. What a can of worms.

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All I have ever done when replacing rear knuckle bushings is to support the rear with a floor jack under the control arm, then lower the car enough so that the distance to the floor to the top of the rear wheel well is at the nominal height as listed in the shop manual. Then tighten the toe link bolt.

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Exactly. If you do not tighten the toe link bolt when the car is close to ride height it will twist and likely tear the bushings. The toe link bolt is the bolt in the center of the knuckle between the upper and lower bushing. Prevents the knuckle from turning..

How much did you replace?


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