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...just got my '98 DeVille back from the shop. Had an issue last week with overheating. Followed the digital prompts and by stopping to let the engine

cool every few miles and adding coolant (with the radiator cap off like an "open" system) I made it home okay. No indication of water in the oil, so

the head gasket appears to have survived.

...shop discovered that the water pump idler pulley was shot and had thrown the belt. I couldn't see anything wrong when I popped the hood

because the water pump doesn't run off the main serpentine, but off the other end of the cam under its own covering shield. Now I know.

...and because overheating degrades the oil, my first stop after paying the garage repair fee was to have the oil changed.

...but I kept the digital display on the coolant temperature all the way home. Watched it crawl up to about 206 degrees...which makes me wonder

what the normal operating temperature range should be. Owners' Manual doesn't say. I want to keep an eye on it for a while, but don't know

what temperatures should be under normal (winter) conditions. Input? Thanks.

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206 is fine.

My '96 likes 196 most of the time. Back in oct, nov it was going to 220 on cold days which was unusual, so i kept an eye on the coolant level. It was loosing a little coolant somewhere, and i noticed a smell, so i checked, and discovered a cracked radiator which i promptly replaced.

I understand it can go up to 225 before the fans go on. I have never heard my fans go on.

You are smart that you caught it early, and didn't let it overheat.

Just monitor for leaks, and smell for coolant every once in a while.

Also when cold, check the surge tank level in a few days.

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