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  1. You've offered good advice in the past, Jim, so here' s another plea for wisdom. My '98 DeVille has recently starred displaying erroneous or inaccurate data. The gas gauge claims I'm low when there's still six or seven gallons in the tank. I've proved this by topping out and watching it hit Full with ten or twelve gallons added.And my AC wants to blow through the defrost ducts instead of the finned dash ducts as it should. This is intermittent...one day it works fine, then the next time I start the car it come through the heating/defrost ducts. If I continue to drive it will sometimes return to blowing through the proper ducts, but I can't control where it come out.

    Any suggestions are welcome, and I'm always grateful for your experience and wisdom. Still enjoying my older Caddy, obviously. Still a fine automobile, despite its age.

  2. When I check the digital readout on my '98 DeVille, I don't know whether the battery is getting, say, a 13.8 volt charge...or 13.8 volts is the demand being made of the system at that moment. Or is it what the battery has available at that moment? Duh... Anyone know which it is? Would be helpful to know. Thanks.
  3. ...so tell me, guys...can I put a hitch on my '98 Seville and pull a small trailer...something, say, the size and weight of a pop-up? Or will I have to give up my sweet old d'Elegance for a (Gasp!) truck? Thanks.
  4. ...all good info, Jim. Thanks. I'll check out each item and see if I can resolve this pesky issue. Knew about the TCC, by the way. As you say, no big deal. One day I'll get it taken care of.
  5. ...okay...here are the codes. First, note that the Anti-lock braking and Stablity icons light up on the dash. Codes: PCM PO603 HIST PCM PO741 CURRENT IPC B1552 HIST IPC 2710 HIST TCS 1228 HIST RFA B3108 HIST ...and during the recent ice and cold spell, I had the Anti-theft light come on a couple of time, warning me that the car might not start again. I had to wait the required three minutes a couple of times, but I haven't seen that warning since the weather warmed up. ...but having just dropped a chunk on new suspension all around, I'm fretting over having these icons lighting up. Just don't know what to look for at this point. ...many thanks, O Guru Of The Machine.
  6. ...here's on for Texas Jim. ...just had the rear shocks and the front struts replaced on my '98 Deville. Was still hearing some clunking over potholes and rough spots, so I went back to the front end shop. Turns out the tie rod ends were loose. Okay...took care of that. No big deal. ...but the system is throwing a SVC SYSPENSION SYSTM at me...and doggoned if I know what to look at next. ...it also lights the Anti-lock Braking and Steering icons on the dash display. ...got me puzzled...but I'd sure like to correct whatever it is. ...thanks. Still enjoy driving this fine old machine...less than 200,00o on it, has everything I could ask for in a fine automobile and still looks good.
  7. ...after my recent overheating incident, I followed the dash prompt and had the oil changed. ...but that 'CHANGE OIL' display pops up every time I start the car. ...hit RESET again and again...it still shows up. ...how can I clear this little nuisance message? ...thanks.
  8. ...just got my '98 DeVille back from the shop. Had an issue last week with overheating. Followed the digital prompts and by stopping to let the engine cool every few miles and adding coolant (with the radiator cap off like an "open" system) I made it home okay. No indication of water in the oil, so the head gasket appears to have survived. ...shop discovered that the water pump idler pulley was shot and had thrown the belt. I couldn't see anything wrong when I popped the hood because the water pump doesn't run off the main serpentine, but off the other end of the cam under its own covering shield. Now I know. ...and because overheating degrades the oil, my first stop after paying the garage repair fee was to have the oil changed. ...but I kept the digital display on the coolant temperature all the way home. Watched it crawl up to about 206 degrees...which makes me wonder what the normal operating temperature range should be. Owners' Manual doesn't say. I want to keep an eye on it for a while, but don't know what temperatures should be under normal (winter) conditions. Input? Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Kevin...but the spare tire size isn't the issue. It's the wheel itself. My second attempt got me a spare from a Caddy of similar vintage, but the bolt hole offset was different -- and didn't fit. This time, since there are a couple of old '98 birds sitting there with their tires and wheels off, I'm going to try fitting any spare I find to one of them. That ought to do the trick. Should have thought of doing that the first time around. So soon old, so late smart....lol.
  10. ...had a flat last week, and it turns out my "toy tire" was underinflated. By the time I got to the tire shop, I'd eaten it up...but it got me there. I left the carcass of the spare with the shop. Today I went to a salvage yard to find a replacement. Made me nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs to be driving around with no spare. ...two tries, including having made a paper pattern from one of my good wheels, and I still haven't found the right one. Turns out the "convenience spare" (that "toy tire") has a different lug offset than on a conventional drive car. ...don't look forward to hassling my tire shop again with a third non-fit. ...how can you tell you're getting the right one, short of putting it on the wheel (not a likely prospect while in a salvage yard)? ...is there some nomenclature on the spare (the "toy tire") that would tell me it's a fit for my '98 Deville?
  11. There's an inch-and-a-half-thick Owners' Manual that came with my 98 DeVille d'Elegance...and here are three words that DO NOT APPEAR anywhere in that book: suspension, shocks, struts. It doesn't even tell me whether I have electronic shocks or not. I know the ride isn't what it ought to be -- probably still running OE stuff, since this car was bought from a prior owner -- but I need to know what I'm dealing with. So please tell me what suspension this car has. Thanks very much.
  12. Noticed another 98 DeVille owner with a similar PO741 display, and you advised checking the brake pedal switch setting. As it happens, my cruise control doesn't engage presently, and you said that's one symptom of the brake switch being maladjusted. Think I'll check that first before hitting the panic button for a torque converter replacement. Many thanks for all your posts. Very helpful.
  13. Many thanks, Jim. I'll check all this. RE: PO741 and possibly needing a torque converter, I can't detect any problems when driving the car. Shifts all seem normal, and I'm getting very good mileage. What should I do to explore futher into this item? My guess is that replacing the torque converter is rather pricey...
  14. Okay, here are the codes my DeVille is showing: PCM PO741 CURRENT...ACM B1340 HIST...TCS C1228 HIST...MMM B2148 HIST The MMM is the mirror memory module, and I ignore it. Not sure what the ACM is...but PCM and TCS both deal with the power train and or traction control. So what's causing this ongoing SVC STAB SYS notice? I've done all I know to do at this point, and I'm reluctant to turn it over to the shop for what may be something I can deal with myself.
  15. Well, drat! Few weeks ago my 98 DeVille starts giving me a dash display that says "Service Stability System." It's interconnected to the anti-lock braking and traction control, so those icons showed up even when I cancelled the SVS STAB SYS display. First thing I did was to have the tires rebalanced and rotated, even though it was a little early for rotation on this set of tires. Checked the brake pads while the tires were off, and all appears good in that regard. But that same code kept showing up intermittently. So today I went to my pal's garage and we pulled every wheel, and unplugged and replugged the sensors. Checked tire inflation while we had them off, too. Then I cleared all the codes and headed home...and after a few miles....there's that doggoned SVS STAB SYS display again. Really has me scratching my head....not a good thing, since I'm bald and I can draw blood when I'm really confused about something. Help me out here...if it's a faulty sensor, how the heck do you figure out which one? And does anyone know whether the sensors are part of the wheel assembly on a '98 DeVille or are bolt-ons? How can you tell...pull the wheel itself and not just the tires? Along with this I was getting an occasional Service Engine Light, but it doesn't appear regularly, so I discounted it as an anomaly. Oil still has three grand to go before a change is indicated, and I'm running top-quality synthetic. Giving some thought to a new set of plugs, but that has nothing to do with that pesky SVS STAB SYS indication. At the moment, I haven't a clue. Sigh.....