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Adding another cadillac to the family


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Today i purchased a new 2014 ATS awd 2.0 turbo for my daughter. Grey with black interior. I pick it up tomorrow. She is 17, and i wanted to start her off on caddys when she is young. Last year i got my 18yo son the 2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel, and he loves it, but is now mad he didn't get a Cadillac too. I will let you all know how CUE is. I will do a write up comparison to my 1996 Deville on how far technology in cadillac has gone in the 18 years. The family car collection is definately diverse. My wife drives the 2002 chevy venture minivan. This is my 4th new car purchase in my life, and i still have them all, and all of them GM.

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Nice! Congrats to you both on a fine selection of a car for her! :)

I believe that is thew same 2.0 Ecotec turbo motor I had in my Chevy HHR SS and I was super impressed with it. The combo of power and mileage was really outstanding! Not to mention she's got a sweet looking car! I'd love to see pics of it when you get a chance, haven't seen one with that color combo.

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