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New rear rotars for my E-brake

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For about 10 years, i thougt my emergency brake cable was bad, so i left it alone. My rear rotars had very bad brake adhesion/warpage and needed to be cut. For $44 i got a new set delivered to my house including a set of rear brake pads. I did a thorough cleaning of the brake guides, and boots, and applied a good brake grease. Both sides had the bottom guide stuck in the sleeve, and i had to pull it out with some force, and pliers. It seems the grease turned to dry tar. After the job was complete, the emergency brake once again works 100%, and i have no reservations about using it again. Only thing was that i didn't use the new pads because they didn't have that divit in the back that needs to get aligned with the caliper piston head. Is that needed for the brake pads? Or will the emergency brake work and release without it?

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Cadillac and GM used the divot rear caliper for a emergency brake for many years. Its a funky set-up in the old style early to mid 80's Seville, Eldorado's and they would freeze up too.

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my honest opinion

Here in upstate NY I prefer this setup. It seems to be very reliable when maintained. all of mine work great.

All of my GMs that have had it worked good.

The drum brake parking brakes have been horrible.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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