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thermostat for 2002 cad deville

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i purchased a thermostat for my 2002 cad deville dhs and they sold me one rated at 180 degrees. my manual states thermostat should start opening at 188 degrees and be fully open at 206 degrees. will the 180 thermostat hurt my engine? what thermostat should i be using?

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The proper one *is* a 180 F thermostat. It regulates the temperature of the water coming in from the radiator, mixing with the block water, and the ECT sensor is located on the rear head near the crossover, which will read about 15 F higher.

I would get it from a dealer, using your VIN to match the part, and get a new gasket as they are sold separately. Make sure you don't put it in backward.

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Ironic how Leland lead the new way to use the Johannson Gauges so cadillac parts can be interchangeable. Fast forward 100 years, and we have to use a vin to get a part as common as a thermostat. I'm not criticizing anyone or anything or saying it is good or bad, just that it reveals the complexities in design that imo really accelerated starting in the mid 1990's.

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