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There's an inch-and-a-half-thick Owners' Manual that came with my 98 DeVille d'Elegance...and here are three words that DO NOT APPEAR

anywhere in that book: suspension, shocks, struts. It doesn't even tell me whether I have electronic shocks or not. I know the ride isn't what

it ought to be -- probably still running OE stuff, since this car was bought from a prior owner -- but I need to know what I'm dealing with. So

please tell me what suspension this car has. Thanks very much.

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The shop manual for 1997 was two volumes about that size, with a separate transmission overhaul manual (there is a short transmission service section in Volume 1). You are probably missing one volume. But there are plenty of people here that can answer the occasional question.

The D'Elegance is a VIN "Y" car. It does not have RSS (the electronic suspension) but it does have the load leveling rear shocks. I believe that it has the FE1 suspension but you should check the options sticker on the inside of the spare tire cover to be sure.

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If you want the real deal as far as shop manuals, here they are:

1998 Cadillac DeVille Concours Eldorado service shop dealer repair manual

The above is just one example of the manuals being sold on ebay.

Here is a list of the same manuals being sold on ebay

You will notice that there are aftermarket Haynes and Chilton manuals mixed in on the ebay search results list. There are 3 volumes to GM's factory service manual for your 98 DeVille.

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