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2007 DTS Heated/Cooled seats - my fix

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Hello all,

I bought my '07 DTS Performance in 8/2011 at 47K and my heated seats stopped working at just a nick over 50K miles. The local dealership (Huber Cadillac in Omaha, NE) made a call on my behalf to GM and replaced the module underneath the passenger seat for half cost (cost me $400).

Fast forward to April 2014 and the problem happened again. After searching the CI/CO forums I found some great info which got me pointed in the right direction.

I went to the dealer and purchased the "new" cheap, plastic P/N 15326110 which superseded 15306171. Went home and pulled the seat (HUGE thanks to BobbieB's post here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-dts-forum-2006-through-2012/285451-heated-seats-parking-sensors-stopped-working.html#post3288711

I found that the main 12V wire (14AWG?) had burned through the plastic connector. At this point I elected not to re-pin the new, cheap plastic connector as there's no reason to believe it wouldn't just happen again. Went to the dealer and they had no suggestions/workarounds. What I ended up doing was purchasing 8 new metal connector pins (for which I was charged a hefty $10 apiece).

I decided to bypass the plastic and ended up soldering the wires to the new pins, and used heat-shrink tubing (rated at 200+ degrees fht) and went straight to the male ends of the module. I made sure the heat-shrink tubing was covering everything almost flush to the end of each pin, and of course made sure to keep each wire in the correct position.

End result is that 5 months later, everything is still working perfectly with nearly daily use of the heated/cooled seats (yeah, I am one of those people haha). There is no evidence of melting, burning, or anything else at this point in time. I wanted to post what I did in the hopes someone out there can make this "$900 repair" into about an $80 repair with a little work. I also wanted to have some time to validate the results and I gotta tell ya, it worked out great for me. YMMV.


<!--fonto:Arial--><span style="font-family:Arial"><!--/fonto-->2007 DTS Performance - 50K


As a matter of fact, I <i>am</i> driving 70 MPH in a phone booth.

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Heated and Cooled seats are just part of being a Cadillac man and I love being a Cadillac man!!!

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