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Hello, I just bought my first Cadillac yesterday. After perusing the internet, I believe I purchased a car that has been discussed on this forum before: http://caddyinfo.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=42798

It's a 2006 CTS with LS2 & T56 swapped into it.

I've owned 19 other cars in my life, but this is the first GM performance vehicle I've really gotten my hands on.

I'm sure I will need help, lots and lots of help :P

I live in Norman, OK. I bought it from a guy in Denton, TX.

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Welcome. 19 is a lot of cars. Remember it is a 9 year old car that will need some attention. Give it a good going over and consider changing the fluids if you don't know the maintenance history.

I still own my first new car - my 1996 Sedan Deville. I swear by fluid changes, and twice a year spraying of an entire can of wd-40 on the mechanical and electrical to keep moisture away.

Oil and filter by the olm or every 1 year

Coolant change every 4 years

Brake fluid every 3 years or brake pad change

Power steering with turkey baster after 8 years

Transmission after 10 years. I did mine after 18 years!! But upgraded to Dexron VI for my automatic.

Don't get flushes just drain and fill

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Fluid changes are one of the first things I do when I buy a car, even if the prior owner swears up, down, and sideways that they did it. (Unless they just happen to have receipts which is rather rare, sadly).

But yeah, I've owned a lot of cars, and I currently own 5. This CTS is pretty nifty and it does have some stuff that needs addressing. But undoubtedly I'll figure out GMs like I did my subies and hondas, that is, I learned with the help of fellow car enthusiasts :D

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Does it have an unrestricted exhaust? How does it sound?

Actually it has a relatively stock sounding exhaust. I can roll along in 5th and 6th on the highway and not even hear the engine turning over at 1500(ish) RPM. If I mash the pedal it comes alive, but it all stays (relatively) quiet, which may be nice since I don't want (or need) any tickets while I'm transporting my family around town. Heh.

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You need a Borla cat-back or at least mufflers to get the good V8 sound. I had them on my 1997 ETC for the last several years and never had a complaint about the noise.

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