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1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible Restored to Show Quality Condition

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Up for sale is a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible in excellent cosmetic and mechanical shape with 80k miles. 1 of around 8000 made in the year of Cadillac's 70th Anniversary. This Cadillac received an extensive restoration in 2011 that has brought the car back to a high level II condition. This Convertible has been a pampered all its life, clean all over, garaged kept, adult owned, well serviced, high octane fuel always used, non-smoker, no accidents, no rust, very little ware and drives out perfect. This outstanding Eldorado has had 3 loving owners since new and can be driven anywhere reliably in style.

Read more : http://dallas.craigslist.org/ndf/cto/4531320733.html

Interesting local classic. I am still thinking a 70 DeVille convertible but this looks interesting


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This is a great car and ready to go as a great weekend car and Caddyinfo VIP car in the DFW area. But where's the project? Perhaps, all this car needs is to be driven and maintained. But the price is right at $16,500 OBO, if it is indeed what the ad says it is. If it passes a CarFAX, dealer VIN check, and mechanic inspection, the interior alone could be the project. Note that any convertible must be garaged for low maintenance on the top and interior.

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Note that any convertible must be garaged for low maintenance on the top and interior.

So true jim. After all what can go wrong with vinyl and canvas out in the Texas sun!!

Jim, if my '96 was left outside, it would be a rusting scrap heap by now. Although we should not park wet cars in the garage. Let them dry outside. And dry the plastic and metal chrome so it doesn't look like someone sprinkled pepper on the car.

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