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1996 deville fuel injector fuses keep blowing

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My 96 deville cut off on me saying service fuel system.. had the car tested and it said it was misfires and injectors 1,4,6,7..

I had a tune up, fuel injcetors cleaned and changed fuel filter as well as the blown fuse.. a few days later the fuse blew again I change it and it did it again within a few minutes.. it drives but it shakes like crazy until I get to about 40mph..

Any suggestion..

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I would inspect where the beauty cover mounts to the intake studs and see if wires got pinched somewhere. It is likely when it heats up it pops the fuse.

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There are 2 different fuses for the injectors.

One fuse controls the 1,4,6,7 injectors..

The other controls the 2,3,5,8 injectors...

Could be a shorted 1,4,6,7 injector. Or..could be a harness rub thru on a bracket or such.

It takes the smallest of rub thrus on the harness to create a short. Sometimes nearly impossible to see.

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