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1996 Deville troubleshooting code TC0023

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Hello all,

My friend recently bought a very nice 1996 Deville. He needed a car to get him to work, and didn't want the usual small economy car. He just returned from living in England for a couple years, and wanted a big car. I actually suggested a Buick with the 3800, but he just fell in love with the big Caddy, so here we are.

TC0023 is showing up, which means the front right wheel sensor. I've ohmed out the sensor, and got 1100, which is within spec. I've check and cleaned the connections at the sensor, as well as the one coming out of the shock tower area. I've measured voltage coming out of the connector at 4.1 volts with ignition on. The computer TCS data mode shows all sensors reading the same as you're driving down the road: At 56 mph in cruise, I was getting RF-84 LF-84 RR-85 LR-85. I assume the slight number difference was because of the tire pressures.

What else can I check? I thought for sure the RF wheel sensor would have a crazy reading compared to the other 3? Is there a decision tree somewhere I can look at?

BTW - Running the codes on this thing is really cool. I wish all cars had this capability.

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I suspect the wheel sensor is bad. The wheel sensors put out a small AC voltage signal and can be measured using a DVOM. The wires also need to be twisted because of the low AC voltage signal. A Tech 1 or 2 would be handy in this case and would show each wheel signal.

Without a scan tool....you can...swap the front bearings and see if the problem / code moves....or.....make a couple of wire harnessess long enough to 'switch' the front wheel sensors while the bearings are still bolted in and see if the problem / code moves.

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I like your specific details in your post.

I would replace the hub assembly on the side in question. They are affordable and not too difficult to replace.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I fixed it by wedging a large, folded piece of aluminum foil between the coil and wiring harness. Another post on this forum gave me the idea. I'm going to make a permanent faraday cage out of sheet metal this weekend and post the results.

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