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Changed out transmission fluid

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Its been on my to-do for years, but i finally performed the first transmission fluid change on my '96 Deville with 110,000 miles. I purchased a GM filter and gasket set on ebay, and walmart dexron vi that has the GM logo. I pumped out the fluid from the top transmission line. This leads to the lower radiator, but it was much easier attaching to this threaded port. Overall, i added 11 quarts of new fluid. The inside was clean, and aside from a little gunk stuck to the square magnet, there was no material on the pan bottom. I cleaned the pan up, installed the 2 new filters, and the gasket, and rotated the bolts tight, and filled it up. Test drive felt no difference in shifting - as i expected. Filter and gasket was $30 with free shipping, and the fluid was $50 total for a grand total of $80.00. Next is to change out the brake fluid with dot3 synthetic. I do this about every 3 or 4 years. Then i will drain and fill with GM antifreeze, and bars.

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got to do the same thing with my seville and eldorado. I pulled my pan off my 96 Deville with 200k and everything was nice. If it werent for the torque convertor problem it would be perfect. Unfortunately no fluid change could do anything to help the torque convertor


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Today i changed the oil, and replaced the oil pressure switch. Although the flicker / stop engine has not been seen in a few months, i suspect it was leaking. The connector inside the boot was full of oil. Replacement was easy and straightforward.

I also changed the brake fluid on all 4 wheels. It was tea colored. I think it was over 4 years since the brake fluid was changed. Then the entire engine compartment, and underbody / wheel was treated to a heavy spray of wd-40. I purchased a gallon at home depot, and fill up a 16 ounce spray bottle. Any electrical cnnector, fuse panel, brake line, connector etc. got soaked. Then i let it sit overnight to dry and soak in. Been doing this on all my cars, and it keeps rust and moisture away. This means little to no rust anywhere.

Coolant change is still to come.....

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