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compressor wont engage cause codes


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I can not figure out how to reset codes when I re did my ac system. It's full of 134a and new compressor and accumulater and filter with no leaks. But the compressor will not kick in here are the codes

Ac 1315 current... Yes it says current on screen

Rs 0038

Rf 2560

I unplugged the battery for about 30 min and that didnt work either

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B1315 Evaporator Inlet Temp Sensor Short Circuit

B0038 AUX switch open/shorted to battery

B2560 RKE Message Validation Error

You need to fix the short on the evaporator inlet temperature before the A/C will do anything. After that, you can clear the codes.

The B0038 is an air bag code. I don't know what it means but if you don't have the air bag light on I would ignore it for now.

The B2560 means that the fob didn't work sometime in the last several weeks. If you are having trouble with your fob you may need to re-synchronize it. Do a search here for the procedure.

To reset the codes, you pull the negative terminal of the battery for 15 seconds. You can do it from the A/C buttons too if you want to learn how.

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Did u remove orifice tube during ur repair? If u put o-tube in backwards u can mess up sensor. There are 2 sensors on firewall a/c line. One measures the temp of hot gas and the 2nd sits right after the o-tube and measures the lower temp of the now expanding gas. U can access the ACM codes and clear them but a failed sensor will trip a code again almost immediately. New compressor? If u pulled o-tube u might get a sprinkle of metal shavings too. The 96 vintage cars like to grind up the compressor and spew debris into a/c lines.

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ACM B1315 is almost ALWAYS set due to improperly installing the orifice tube. When the o-tube is installed in the wrong direction, it destroys the inlet temp. sensor when the A/C line fitting is tightened. The long end of the o-tube should point to the condenser (driver's dide of the car).

Unplug the inlet temp. sensor and see if the code switches to the open circuit code. If it does, the inlet temperature sensor is damaged and will need to be replaced along with the orifice tube. You will need to have the refrigerant recovered to do the job.

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