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2000 Catera electrical gremlins


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Hi all. Before I go replacing parts I figured I would get some insight. I dont know too much on the Catera.

Multiple issues seperated. Hope this helps.


Sometimes when you start the car the ABS, Traction, And Check engine light come on. The speedometer does not work, nor does the traction or ABS.

Codes that relate are

P0500. VSS circuit A. circuit performance

P1700. MIL requested by TCM. Traction control module or trans control module?

U2108. I dont know this one.

Sometimes the lights dont come on and all seems to function as designed but when the lights come on above follows.

Second. Driving down the road the radio shorts out for some reason. You can hear like an electrical short noise and the radio and trunk release will not function, then they come back on eventually and continue to function. Very weird. This does not seem to be anywhere related to the first problem.

Any insight is highly appreciated


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U2108 Lost Comm with ABS Control System

The VSS can cause all of the symptoms regarding ABS, TC and stability control. So can an EBTCM or EBTCM problem, and these are indeed separate problems. I would fix the VSS first, and look at the EBTCM connector and all relevant fuses.

I'm speaking from Eldorado experience here, so there may or may not be an exact equivalent to the EBTCM in the Opel-designed 2000 Catera. Whatever they call it, it's the module associated with the ABS manifold and pump, and is probably mounted directly on it. Since Cadillac's EBTCM and manifold/pump are supplied by Bosch, I suspect that the Catera unit is very similar.

As far as the road vibration electrical issue is concerned, I would look at the battery cables and the battery clamp, and make sure that the battery is solidly mounted, its cables are clean and tight and that nothing is touching the battery case or terminals when you are driving on rough roads.

An under-car check of loose or dangling wiring or connectors might be a good idea. Rent an hour of rack time and take your toolbox and a handful of wire ties.

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