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1993 Fleetwood Brougham Issues

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I have a 1993 Fleetwood Brougham and am having a few problems, recently.

Within the last month we've had the shocks (front and back) replaced, new brakes (front), Fuel pump, as well as a new air compressor and fan installed. Now, I'm having problems with getting my car to start and stay started. It'll start and then seems like it's suffocating....not sure if that was a great way to explain it. When I drove (I am in Texas - Dallas area, visiting from Nebraska) the car to get here....it worked beautifully. Now, it's a mess!

I need help, desperately and have so many questions as to what I can do to assist with the repairs, as much as I can.

I have a manifold bolt broken, but that's been that way for about 4 years now....and the mechanic I normally use says it's

not really a problem - as far as it being driven.

Any assistance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!


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To keep running the car needs fuel, air, and spark. So if you think of those three things -- ask the mechanic to check the fuel filter for example, to see if it is clogged. Check the air filter to see if something is blocking the air intake, or it is just too dirty (unlikely). Possibly you got a tank of bad gas? or the car is out of gas but the gauge is not reading out?


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Where from in nebraska?

Fuel pumps are a big problem in the 94-96 but you have a different engine so most likely a different fuel pump. Also the wiring to the fuel pump will intermittently go out while burning up. All this can happen to new pumps sometimes.

Run the codes on the climate controls if you can and report back. A sensor could be reading wrong and causing the car to shut off after it starts running.

You have an L05 350 v8 btw if that helps anyone with diagnosing.

I frequent the impalassforum.com forums because they have a lot more people with d/b body GM cars and our engines than are on this forum. But everyone here is glad to help if they can :)

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Here is how to pull the codes from your '93 Brougham.

Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and WARMER side of the temp rocker. After the segment check, -00 will be displayed. That is the "pointer". Pressing OUTSIDE TEMP will toggle between the pointer and the trouble code. Use the FAN UP/DN to increment/decrement the pointer.

Pointers -00 thru -04 contain the trouble codes. Current codes are two digits and history codes have three digits with a "1" as the first digit. The second and third digits are the trouble code. For example 32 would be a current code and 132 would be the same code although a history code.

Pointer # Parameter Display Range Default value

-00 ECM Trouble Codes

-01 CCM Trouble codes

-02 ECC Trouble codes

-03 SIR (Airbag) trouble Codes

-04 ABS/TCS Trouble Codes

-05 Program number 0-255

-06 Commanded blower motor spd 0-128

-12 Vehicle speed in MPH

-16 Sun load sensor assy 200+ = Dark 240

150- = light

-17 Current temp. valve position 0-255

-19 Temp valve pos. (full hot) 180-250 180

-20 Temp valve pos. (full cold) 5-60 60

-21 Coolant temperature degrees C 90

-22 Commanded temp valve pos. 0-255

-24 Air delivery mode 0-7

-25 Inside air temp sens Value increases as temp. decreases

-28 Outside air temp asm Value increases as temp. decreases

The broken exhaust manifold bolt will not affect driveability.

See if there are any codes stored under pointers 01-04 and post back. If anything, just to rule out some things. You may need to get the car into a dealership and have themn put a Tech-2 on it to see what is going on.

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When was the last time the distributir cap and rotor were replaced? The rotor has a tendency to wear away the center contact and then it begins to arc. That may cause the drivability issue. Eventually, the rotor burns through and the engine will not run. It is worth a look.

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