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Saturday Shopping: Local Porsche sales

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I was admiring a 1975 Porsche 911s available locally on Craig's List when I went to get some info on the 911S so I could put it into CarTest.


There are several 911s in CarTest, but not a 1975 911S. I find that once I remind myself that the toy actually has less performance than my daily driver STS-V then the attraction wanes. Either way, interesting exercise though.

You may recall that I am a Porsche fan from way back, having a 1972 Porsche 914 that I wish I still had, and later a 1983 Porsche 944. I have a library of Porsche references, but love researching stuff on the internet.

The Porsche guys in my research pointed to this fun article on late 70s 911 ownership which I now feel is a must read for Porsche fans.

Me: Hey, I am working on a 75 911s and need a complete gasket set, oil pressure sender and clutch plate.

Fred: That's a 2.7 liter engine.

Me: Yup.

Fred: Had it line bored and timeserted? Upgraded to dilivar studs?

Me: Huh?

Fred: You know, we offer a complete rebuild package for those engines for $4995.00. You should bring your engine in. (Then he goes on blabbering about line boring, timeserting and dilivar studs plus other stuff such as pressure fed tensioners).

Me: Line boring? I'm not building a racing engine-what are you talking about.

Fred: The book says line bore every time you take the engine apart. The cases are magnesium and warp-also the steel studs pull right out of the cases so you need to timesert the holes and replace the studs with dilivar studs whose coefficient of expansion is the same as magnesium. You particularly must do this on a 2.7 engine-those cases were never strong enough for that displacement.

Me: Jesus!(Ivan you SOB, you knew this).

Me: Look Fred, just give me the stuff I want now. I will measure up the cases and let you know.

Fred: OK, but you really should talk with one of our mechanics about this. Let me call Monty out of the shop.


In general the rest of the other advice from the discussion prior to the article was:

Stay far away from the '75-'77 2.7L cars. Consider 3.0L cars from '78-'83 and even better are the 3.2L cars from '84-'89. With '87 the first year with the better G50 tranny.


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My goodness. Every Porsche this guy has ever had makes my 1952 Henry J look like a fine automobile.

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That story is a hoot! I enjoyed the outline and will probably buy the book. :D

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