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98 seville not starting, no clicking sound

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check your battery connections first. Plays a huge roll in starting. Just nbecause all the lights come on doesnt mean it is good to start it


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Agreed, check the battery first; you need threshold voltage to activate (hear the click) the solenoid/starter (just to know that the battery is weak). If the battery is good, then another possibility is the neutral start switch.


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Watch the headlamps as someone else tries to start the car. If they go real dim, the battery is shot. You can also put a DVM inline between the battery cable and battery post and watch the voltage. A dead cell will drop the voltage to around 9v OR you can take it to most parts stores or any place that sells batteries and have it load tested.

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My '95 did that once and it was the neutral safety switch. Try shifting into neutral and see if it will start, or cycle it through every gear and check if it will start in any position. It might save you a tow.

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