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Heartless Junkyards

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scrap yards/junk yards are heartless with cars. Last week i hit the jackpot and found 2 untouched 94-96 fleetwood broughams in the junkyard. This is a rare car and even more rare to find in a junkyard. The LT1's have many valuable parts. I took all the valuable rocker panels and interior pieces that i could. I know what brings good money. They charged me $20 for a load of "trim" as they called it. They charged the same amount for a taillight and equal amount for a garage door opener LOL. My estimation I can make $600 on the "trim" that I took :yupi3ti: already have made $350 of it since last week. Thats not including the great parts I got for my own vehicle plus friends cars :hatsoff:

I went back 2 days later to grab more parts and they had just taken one of the fleets to be crushed. I begged them I needed parts off of it and they could make another $50 or more and they said nope not worth it, we need to crush 50 cars today and dont have time to bring it back for another one. This is a big place with 1000+ cars and high turnover. Seriously go grab a dime a dozen cavalier or something :( I watched as they threw a pickup on top of it :( If I hadnt gone that first day then all those valuable parts I took off that one wouldve been crushed. Are there really no workers there that can see a valuable car for what it is?

* 1966 Deville Convertible

* 2007 Escalade ESV Black on Black

* 1996 Fleetwood Brougham Black on Black V4P -Gone
* 1983 Coupe Deville Street/Show Lowrider -Gone

* 1970 Calais 4dr Hardtop GONE
* 2000 Deville DTS - Silver with Black Leather and SE grille GONE
* 1999 Seville STS - Pearl Red GONE

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That junkyard sounds like it has morons for workers...

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
'05 Deville
'04 Deville
2013 Silverado Z71

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It is a shame to hear of all the nice body cadillacs ending up in the junk heaps because of mech. problems some people put a lot of new parts in their cads and then give up. I wonder if it would be better to find a place to park it and wait for the resale value to rise because of the limited amount of cars. Example all the 50s cars scrapped and the survivors are now worth big bucks. Mike

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