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beware cambell hall auto salvage in ny

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bought a used 4.6 northstar motor from cambell hall auto salvage in ny they told me that the motor was tested and all was good!!pulled out old motor and installed got it all together put fluilds in it went under car and drip drip drip as i looked closly up under the manifold there was a CRACKED BLOCK about a inch long looked like a wrinkle in the casting but it wasent had 30 day warrenty they told me to bring it back like it was a flashlight battery i had to take out took it back out and they had another motor with 110.000 miles that looked like it was in a fire and all the wires were clipped including the positve battery cable i refuseded it ask if he could get me one with lower miles they told me they couldnt be bothered and refunded my money real snotty like i said fine ill go some were else i buy lots of parts and ill never go there again i did this motor job myself in my carport they never tested this motor or they would of seen the water coming out of the block good thing i didnt have a shop do it or id be out of a ton of money and still no motor DONT!! BUY !! FROM CAMBELLHALL AUTO SALAVGE!!!

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That "cracked block" sounds like something hit it while it was out of the car. Water jackets on modern aluminum engines are not places you want to bang up.

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