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98 seville keeps breaking whell studs


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well now that you mention it i guess i could have given more detail. but any how here goes right front wheel has a slight shimmy and seems to be worse at highway speed and even worse when i let off the gas new tires changed wheels .im thinking wheel bearing but not sure.also i here or feel not sure of the hearing a thump thump or something that feels like the tire has a lump but it is faint at low speeds

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If you are breaking the studs that hold the wheels on, the air wrench that is used to mount the tires has a bad torque setting. Wheel studs usually are specified to be torqued to 95 lb-ft or 100 lb-ft, and much more will stretch them, which means that they will be prone to breaking.

The thump may be an out-of-round tire, or one that has a dynamic imbalance. Göran W's suggestion may fix it for you if that is the case, or you may see a lesser shimmy in the rear. See if your tire dealer has a road force balance (RFB) machine, and, if so, whether or not he has used it on your car, particularly the front tires.

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