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I'm having some issues with my 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora V8.

During a recent 10 hour drive, my car started hesitating while cruising at a constant speed. Once the hesitating started, it would continue until I let off the gas or accelerated heavily. Under normal acceleration or when maintaining speed, the hesitation would come back either right away, or within a couple minutes. I found that putting the car into 3rd seemed to smooth things out, so I drove it that way the rest of the trip (about 3 hours remaining). It still occasionally had issues though.

Later on in the evening after a few restarts, the MIL came on. I checked the codes and read a P0386 and P1860. I know P1860 is related to the TCC. I had the TCC solenoid replaced about a year and a half ago after the MIL came on for that. I never had any issues driving at that time, and this appears to be a separate (but possibly related) issue.

Also, about a year ago I had the car stall on me while driving slowly through a parking lot. After that, the MIL came on and I read P0385. Nothing else ever came of that though, and eventually the light went back off on its own. I've had the car stall a couple other times since then, usually when slowing down to a stop.

I took it in to the dealer today, and they said they were able to eliminate everything outside the trans. They were getting abnormal readings from the TCC solenoid on the scanner while driving. Their best guess is that it's the wiring harness, so they rough quoted me $1250 to open the trans up and replace the harness. However, they weren't 100% sure what the problem is, other than that it's inside the transmission.

Currently, I only drive short distances. I haven't noticed the problem much since the 10 hour trip, but it has come up occasionally. The few times I've noticed it lately have been when accelerating or going up a hill. But it hasn't been as bad or as reproducible as it was during the long trip.

So, I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has had issues like this, or has any better ideas on what the issue could be. The car "only" has 77k miles on it, so I'm curious on what would cause such an issue. From what I've read, the 4T80E has been pretty reliable other than the TCC solenoids having to be replaced.

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P0386 - Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor B Performance

P0385 - Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor B Circuit

I'd replace both A & B sensors. Especially if they are original. GM had a bad supplier from 2000 - 2003.

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Listen to Ranger. He's very experienced in this type of problem. The crankshaft sensors and their replacement labor are very inexpensive and arre reuqired in any case based on the P0385 and P0396 codes, and the transmission symptoms may well go away once the crankshaft sensors are fixed.

One thing is very clear: the crankshaft sensors are bad. Until that is fixed there is no point in pursuing things that can mimic the symptoms, like TCC issues. If the dealer you are working with does not see that, go elsewhere.

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Alright, it looks like I need to replace those crankshaft sensors then. Those definitely seem to be an issue. I also talked with a friend of mine who agrees that the bad sensors are causing the hesitation too. He said that the engine is going into TQ Management, which is what causes the hesitation. I'll get back once they've been replaced. Thanks for the help.

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2001 was a year when the crank sensors were problematic.

Pre-1995 - DTC codes OBD1  >>

1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

How to check for codes Caddyinfo How To Technical Archive >> http://www.caddyinfo.com/wordpress/cadillac-how-to-faq/

Cadillac History & Specifications Year by Year  http://www.motorera.com/cadillac/index.htm

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So - I got the crankshaft position sensors replaced. It appears to have solved my hesitation problem. However, my check engine light is still coming on with the codes P0741 and P1860. Apparently, P0741 was also seen by the dealer when I took it there originally. It must have come on after I checked the codes myself. (Also - just a side note that the P0386 code I saw before was a potential code and therefore not seen by the dealer - didn't realize this until later).

Anyway, so I'm back to having a smooth running car with a check engine light on. It would seem like the TCC solenoid is bad based on the codes I'm getting. However, as stated above, I already had this replaced about a year and a half ago (30,000 miles ago). Is it possible that it's now bad again? If so - is it just a coincidence that it went bad while my crankshaft sensors were causing issues? Or is it even possible that bad readings from the crankshaft sensors screwed up the TCC?

I also took the car in to a trans shop before the sensors were replaced. They claimed the issue was that there was some internal leak in the torque converter, and so it would be unable to keep a proper pressure and control the slip. The dealer had told me, before I even took the car to the trans shop, that they have had to make repairs like this before on Cadillacs - that some seal has been known to fail. From reading some other threads, it seems like when this happens the solenoid also has a chance at being blown at the same time. The dealer claimed the readings they were getting from the TCC solenoid were different from what they saw last time they replaced it. Although - that was before the crankshaft sensors were replaced. It'd be interesting to see what sort of readings they get now.

The dealer gave me multiple quotes. I was charged about $500 last time the TCC solenoid went out, so I'm sure that's about the same price if that was the only issue again. The original quote provided was based on some sort of electrical issue that they claim they found, and is $1250 to replace the TCC solenoid and wiring harness (this could vary if they find some other issue instead of the wiring harness). The dealer also stated that it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and replace the torque converter along with the seals, gaskets and all while they're in there checking out the electrical issue since it's a known possible (current or future) issue. That would be about $2000, plus another $200 if the wiring harness was bad. Finally, they quoted me $3300 for a whole new transaxle, although we both agreed that was unnecessary.

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