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99 STS service stabilizing system


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Hello everyone I need some help In Chicago I have a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS. I have the dashboard which shows service stabilizing system and service steering system also has the traction control light and ABS light on. I also have colds c1233 and also c1255. I have read that it could be EBTCM but I do not know where to find it and how to get to this part or how it looks.I checked the voltage from the battery it Showes 14.2. As a side note I also do not have any heated seats on the front I've looked at the fuses they all look fine none of them have been blown out. But backseats do have heat and are working well. Also I think this is a active braking system. Will like some help before I have to go to the dealer and get a costly repair job on this. If someone has step-by-step instructions and pictures that would be nice to tell me what I need to do to correct this problem my car I just got.

Thanks for all the help

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This should be posted as a new topic, not tacked on an old thread.

C1233 Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted

C1255 EBCM Internal Malfunction (ABS/TCS Disabled)

There is one more important thing about the codes: whether it is Current or History. Right now I would check the wiring and connector to the RF wheel speed sensor, which is on the inside of the hub near the center, clear the codes, and see what comes back.

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Thank you new to this, but you are right I looked at the speed sensor in hub and had to go out and get a new one the colds are now gone so I cleared the history.

Thank you for letting us know what fixed your problem.

That may help someone else in the future. :hatsoff:

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