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  1. Hi I did this and it worked out for me to keep my car from overheatting. I got a kit form steel seal I put up a video on my work see if this may help you out.
  2. I did find a Miracle in the Bottle it is called Steel Seal it come with a kit you add on and my car did not overheat i ran it for over 1 hr. i put a Video out on it go look. I had to do it in 4 parts. this is part 1
  3. The bypass holes the one that is the one under overflow I pulled it at the point where it tees into the line coming from the back of the engine turned engine on and all I could see coming out was just a small stream just like if you turn the knob on a little. Was a lot more posted be coming out and not just like a little thin stream thanks
  4. Hi looks like misery likes company I'm having the exact same problem with my 1999 Cadillac STS I've added a new water pump, thermostat, radiator belt and holes and I still can't stop it from overheating. Will run for about 30 minutes to 40 minutes before overheating even at idle. I also did the chemical test like you did and came up negative and I have nothing coming out of the tailpipe . so you're not in this boat alone I'm trying to find an answer but also running short on money after all the work I've done . would like to save the car so if you find an answer sending a message and a
  5. Thanks to everyone for all the help you've given me turned out for the misfiring was the crank shaft sensor's A&B were replace and that took care of the problem. Now for the overheating I did try the miracle in a bottle and of course it didn't work but it comes with a moneyback guarantee so I'm calling on Monday.( We'll see if I get my money back ) LOL but I've come to the end of this car, looks like I'm going to either sell it to someone who might be able to repair it or just send it on to the junkyard not what I want to do but I need something for the winter that's could be more reliab
  6. Look to me that it is a blown head gasket. so I will be going out and getting blue Devil to see if that helps I will get back to everyone on how it goes. http://www.gobluedevil.com/faqs/?prod=blue-devil-head-gasket-sealant
  7. Hi everyone wanted to give you an update looks like I got the motor running better sensors replace a and B. I had the cam shaftI had the camshaft sensors replace A&B I also put a new water pump and a thermostat. While it is running smooth over and better I keep getting a misfire code but I think it is that the battery is old I will look into a new battery get back to everyone . Also my fuel pressure while the car was idling Jump between 42 and 48 PSI I can take a look to see if I can get an extension holes to test it while I'm driving get back to you on that . The last thing I keep hav
  8. Update put new sparkplugs in gapped at 50 and got a new cold P1599, it also stalled at a stop after driving around. also it is still running sluggish when you give it gas it almost acts like he wants to turn off but then starts to go but goes very slowly. And to top it off I heard a hissing sound from the radiator on the passenger side of the car looks to me like I have a radiator leak on top of all of this . still got the cold P0121 on the net was somthing about a crank shaft sensor not sure about this any help would be appreciated . thanks for all the ideas and any suggestions thatand c
  9. Just called Auto zone I can rent the tester & buy the Filid look on line to see how to do the test ,and post back on how it works out for me. thanks for the help
  10. Sorry took so long went out of town for a while tested the fuel pressure today and found that it wasnot good,I find it to be jumping between 42 and 48 psi will someone tell me if this is the right PSI, I would greatly appreciate it but Ithink I found that it should be between 48 and 55 PSI also I found that I had to put in a new thermostat the car was overheating after putting the new one in I put any freeze mix with water and I keep getting it to overflow not sure why I've let it run to get the air pockets out but keeps bubbling up also I'm seen White little bubbles almost like foam not
  11. hello boy was that dirty and sprayed it into the intake valve I got a carburetor cleanerHi I have an update on what I've done so far, I did go out and clean the intake valve with carburetor and fuel injection cleaner. I found it to look like it had in their tar in it. but I got it cleaned up but it did not help the car still running sluggish and slow on takeoff at and running smooth once a get up to speed still shaking did find that one of the motor mounts need to be replaced any ideas on what I can look at to help the car run better would be appreciated.
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