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Hi Bruce,

I don't suppose there is a feature, that I'm overlooking, that allows me to filter out posts from certain members??? Would be a nice feature to have. That way I wouldn't have to be subjected to scrolling through 20 "junk" posts by the same person.

When I log in all I have to do is click on a members name and select "Block" and POOF his/her posts dissappear. You could even make that a special feature for all paying members for a 2-way incentive. Some members just have poor posting etiquet and feature like this would alleviate bad feelings all around I think.


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There is a way to do this now.

In "My Controls" you can choose "Manage Ignored Users" which will make any posts by specific users you add there invisible to you.


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I've had to do this only once, with a poster who began nearly every message with "you can..." followed by "See how stupid you are?" This guy was banned shortly thereafter, and I rediscovered him only lately when I went to maintain my Ignored Users list and found just him on it.

Of course, I'm probably too tolerant of trolls and newbies who post duplicate messages and piggyback on unrelated threads, etc. I'm also afraid I'll miss out if some newbie discovers our culture here and/or presents an electrical problem on a 1993-1999 Northstar that I can help out with.

I notice that Regis posted the question in 2004, about a month before I joined myself. The forum has changed a lot since then. Does anyone still have to use the Ignored User list?

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