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Hello all forum folks,

Started the the old girl this morning and got the No battery charge error. Didn't have time to look into it so I will be looking tonight. Any ideas? The battery is only year old and I think it might be the alternator. Is there a module of sorts that is linked to the charging system?


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The first thing to do is to run the OBD codes, write them down, and post them here. The fact that you got a DIC message means that at least one code was set. That will likely tell the tale about what is wrong. Click the link in my signature block for instructions on how to run the OBD codes.

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If you can check the battery voltage, that would be useful information (I can do that with the DIC on my '97 DeVille, don't know if it is the same on yours). Check the voltage before starting the engine, start the engine, continue monitoring the voltage. Right after starting the engine, it will be a bit lower because of the high current drain of the starter, but in a few seconds it should be higher than what it was before starting if the alternator is charging the battery like it should. In my case, the voltage before starting is a bit over 12 V. After starting, if I have many electrical things like lights and rear defroster on, the voltage is a bit over 13 V, and with lights etc off a bit over 14 V. All as read on the DIC. When you're at it, remember to check the codes, like Jim mentioned.


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Last winter, I had the ocassional BATTERY NO CHARGE message on my '97 STS. It was very intermittent (which makes troubleshooting so much fun...). I traced the problem to a broken latch on the electrical connector to the alternator. Not the heavy battery cable but the two-wire harness that plugs into the alternator. With the latch broken, the connector was very loose and would not make good contact. I went to the junkyard and got a harness (the conntctor and about 6 inches of the 2-wire harness). The junkyard owner gave it to me. I then took apart the connector and transferred the plastic latch to the wire harness on my car and the NO CHARGE message was history. Just something to consider.

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