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Wiper Arm Question

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I believe my wiper arms are getting tired in my 99 deville. I have replaced the blades, cleaned the windshield really well and yet they still chatter. The spring feels like it has lost a little bit of it's...spring-y-ness(yes, that's a word). So I was wondering, should I replace the arms or is there a way to adjust them? Thanks!


2006 Cadillac DTS Glacier Gold Tri-Coat with 175,000 miles

1993 Cadillac Sixty Special Gold Mist with 185,000 miles

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Turn the wipers ON and use the ignition switch to STOP the arm at the mid-wipe position.

Remove the blade and use a fish scale to pull outward perpendicular to the glass surface at the end of the arm. The acceptable tension to cause the arm to lift is 28 to 40 ozs.

The tension is not adjustable (at least on any arm I have ever touched).


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Both Arms chatter? If not I would lean towards a bent arm, I have extremely rarely seen a wiper arm go bad without being damaged prior


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I had wiper chatter on my 2002.

I cleaned the windshield with BON AMI, and no more chatter.

I had previously cleaned it numerous times with various products with no help with the chatter.

I think it was wax on the windshield from the car wash.

After I got the wax off..it was smooth and quite again.

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