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Blog Post: Have your Cadillac on your phone

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OnStar and GM have expanded the abilities of applications on smart phones.  Today’s news (see press release below) allows your smart phone to do everything your keyless remote can, but from a distance.  Forgot to lock your car?  You can lock it or unlock it from another city with your phone.  Need your current odometer [...]

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All I can say is that it's about time GM stepped up to plate on this. As I've said in a previous post, the first thing they need to do is to eliminate any semblence of a cell phone from the car itself, and make any or all of these features work with a selected group of smart phones that people already own. I will stand by my idea of a docking station with "adapters" for several makes of phone built right into the car's dash or console, but it can go much further than just charging your phone, such as having the phone's touch screen visible right on a large dash display. Bluetooth access to the phone would also need to be included, therby making it your hands free phone.

As for this idea:

"◦I would like to see vehicle diagnostics brought to the cell phone. Show me if the car has a DTC (diagnostic trouble code) showing, and give me some background on possible causes for the DTC as well as info on the nearest Mr GoodWrench facility and scheduling info for my home Dealer."

Since OnStar has been sending DTC info via e-mail since 2008 or before, and my phone can recieve mail from all of my accounts, this feature is already in place. OnStar would need to be greatly improved in order to tell you anything about the codes, or to help with a diagnosis, but they can already schedule appointments with a dealership if you want.

Overall, you have some very good suggestions. Add 4G communications and free apps and you will end up with a hot selling car! Take a look at Yelp's "Monocle" feature for example. As you drive down the road, your cell phone's camera displays a picture of the road ahead, superimposed on this image are store names, types of resturants, bars, gas stations, any category that you select with one touch from a list. Another touch and you can call the place. Another touch and you get voice nav to it. You get the idea, and it's already on my phone, no need to reinvent it.

Another is Zillow, which shows all homes for sale near your present location. One touch and you see the price...complete with pictures of the inside and out. Another touch and you call the selling agent. Not to mention local radar at the touch of a button. And the location of speed traps etc. etc. etc.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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