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Could someone please help me , I am trying to change out the fan motor in a 2000 SLS, I have the old one out. Not an easy removal. THE BOOK , says rotate the old one to get it out and then replace with the new one. I have been two hours trying to get the new one in and no luck. Every way I try to turn it to get it to go in the holding bracket gets in the way of everything. I can get the cage in but then your can.t turn the holding bracket to get the bolt holes to line up. If anyone can help me with this ,I would greatly appreciate it. By the way this is one that is inside the car behind the glove box.

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I can't help you as I don't have experience with your year, but if its exactly the same shape and size as the old one, it should go back, take a break, and try it after a rest, dont force it

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Not sure what generation of blower motor you're replacing.

If it is the original blower motor design, there is a 1/2" thick steel inertial plate mounted on the face of the blower with three screws. The inertial plate is removed then two of the three screws are re-installed. Then the 5? screws that mount the blower flange to the HVAC housing are removed. Then the motor is rotated so the narrowest portion of the flange is toward the cam cover. In that position, the blower motor can be removed.

The new design does not have the inertial plate and you must purchase the fiberglass/foil heat shield separately. GM used to include that shield with the replacement blower motors but I guess they figure there are not any 1st generation blower motors left.

To reinstall the new blower motor, lower the front of the engine cradle a few inches - that will provide enough room to get the blower installed. Do not cut the blower housing or force the blower motor in or you risk damaging the fan itself.

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