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  1. I have a 2000 SEV. SLS, with the factory bose sound system . The radio has a single disc holder built into it. The wiring for the console multi disc appears to be in the bottom of the console. If I found the console portion , will this radio head support the multi. disc , or will i have to change the bose head unit out also. Anyone who has done this, please chime in.
  2. Could someone please help me , I am trying to change out the fan motor in a 2000 SLS, I have the old one out. Not an easy removal. THE BOOK , says rotate the old one to get it out and then replace with the new one. I have been two hours trying to get the new one in and no luck. Every way I try to turn it to get it to go in the holding bracket gets in the way of everything. I can get the cage in but then your can.t turn the holding bracket to get the bolt holes to line up. If anyone can help me with this ,I would greatly appreciate it. By the way this is one that is inside the car behind the gl
  3. I just replaced the crankshaft senors , upper and lower on my 2000 , SLS. Now, I have come across a paragraph in a shop book , that says in the 2000 and later Sevilles, that the crankshaft sensors have to be syncronized with the PCM. It says this is a dealer adjustment only.Please advise if this is correct. THANK YOU \\ F RANEY
  4. I do not have the service manual yet, but I do have the following codes, which were in history. IRC-U1016, PCM P1599, SDM B 1001, TTM U1016. The car will sometimes die at a stop light and then immediately restart. Your help would be appreciated. . Thank you. fRANEY
  5. The way I figure it, where can you go and get this quality of a car for the same money with the mileage it has on it. Yes , I definately think it was a good deal. Granted 8,500, would have been a better deal. But for what I have looked at lately , this was a great deal, at least for me.
  6. I just purchased a 2000, SLS , with only 13,080 miles. An older lady bought it new from the local Cadillac dealer and traded it in last Friday for another Cadillac. The dealer is the only one who has ever touched the car , he did all scheduled maint. and anything that may have come up. Still has the original set of tires on it ,always garaged . She was single and retired, the interior looks as though it is brand new. No wear marks on anything. The paint is the diamond white and not a mark on the car. Engine compartment has light coat of dust on it . It is as flawless of a used car as I have
  7. I AM looking to purchase a 2000, Seville, could someone please tell me the way to access the onboard computer for info. I know how on my 96, SLS. Is it the same procedure or has it been changed. Thank You for your help .
  8. Please help , on vacation and out of the clear blue, code IP 1910, FOLLOWED by PC 1350 AND PC 1375, came on line at the same time car almost died. The codes went to history after I restarted the car . I am 900 miles from home without my code books . Please help if You can. Car has performed flawlessly, since the incident and was perfect before the incident. Your help would be appreciated , what is going on. Thank you for your help franey
  9. Recently needed morning defroster, and now my passenger side air blows cold when it should be hot. This happen once before when it was in warranty [96 SLS], and they replaced a valve. ;IF anyone knows which valve under the dash , I WOULD appreciate the help. If you know the section in the GM service manual , I have one and would gladly follow the replacement instructions. . THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. FRANEY
  10. Has anyone encountered the Phrase, LOW RANGE , on their DIC, in a 96 SLS. Or any CADDY for that matter. This came up on mine this evening when I was checking the engine temp. Never seen it before, and can not find out what it is all about. Need help fast starting 2000 mile road trip this FRIDAY. ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. The best I remember , the silicone inside the crank case was from where it was torn apart and the silicone was used for the entire seal on the case half and the oil pan. Evidently it had not cured before they fired it up or when they tightened it up some of the silicone broke off and fell into the pan. Silicone , no matter where it comes from is the kiss of death on a bearing. Yes , if You remove the transmission You can split the case apart and reseal it. At one time there was a complete set of pictures of how to do this either on here or somewhere on the internet. Was an interesting idea
  12. IF YOU can tap on it and get it to start the little wire is about to breakand when it does, YOU ARE STUCK. IT is telling You , Please replace ME. Thank goodness mine broke in the drive way , the day after a 3000 mile vacation. GOOD LUCK
  13. I am helping a friend of mine with his car and have fixed everything , but do not have a book with the following code in it. PZM- B 0533. The car is a 99 northstar deville. IF you clear it , it comes right back. Any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU.
  14. YOU need new sockets, three on each side . They short out inside, most common issue for this car. DO NOT BUY NEW SOCKET ASSEMBLY, PURCHACE PIG TAIL PART NUMBER gm 15306194. This is a chevrolet pig tail but is identical to 96 sls and probably your 95. CADILLAC will tell you they do not make a single replacement pig tail. Odd how chevrolet makes the identical pig tail and you can buy it one at a time. GIVE THIS NUMBER TO CAD PARTS AND THEY CAN GET IT FOR YOU, IF MODULE DOES NOT FIX IT, THEN IT IS SOCKETS.
  15. THE info you need is not in the vin number , it is in your build codes in the trunk on the data sheet under the tire cover. SOME cars came automatically with the larger sway bar but you could order the stiffer suspension as an option. CHECK THE TRUNK, your dealer will tell you what to look for. MY money is on the end links CAUSING THE NOISE. or BOTH. With YOUR MILES , it is cheap enough parts, I HAD same noise , turned out to be end links.
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