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No PCM errors...could it be broke?


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94 Deville 4.9l I have no PCM errors currently or in it's history. Could it be not working possibly? According to dealer records, it was replaced at 46k. It has 75k now. I see a lot of members here referring to error codes they get. Mine reads all systems checked ok. Pushed in off and warm, and there's no past error codes. Am I just lucky so far or could it have been disabled somehow or just not working correctly? Is there anyway to check and verify it's working right? I'm having an idle problem (earlier post) and it's not reporting an error for that.

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Do a search on "idle speed control" or ISC in the archives or on the old board. There is extensive information on how to test the ISC.

I wouldn't suspect that your PCM is bad.

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First thing that comes to mind if you realy want to check it is disconnect the o2 sensor. That should trigger the SES light and set a code.

or you can take out the air bag fuse

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