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I would guess the HVAC air blower is getting into a nearby gasket.

The groaning might be the motor dragging until it tears loose a piece.

The blower is probably mounted with a soft foam rubber gasket to seal it and the air door(s) in the area might have had a gasket come loose and work into the blower.

With any amount of luck, the blower itself is still OK.

Does the air flow seem to change when this is happening?

Does this noise happen continously?

How long has this been going on?

You may want to search on air blower replacement.

Good Luck

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The vents use foam as a gasket between the inner HVAC air distrubution tube and the vents. Over a period off 8-10 years....long time. The foam gasket can start to break down. Then every so often a little chunk will blow out. Common.

GM makes good cars. They do not make 'forever' cars.

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I would say you have a mouse that has built a nest in the HVAC. I had one build a nest in the middle of the fan. I had to take a vacuum and take the fan out and clean out the mess. If you start smelling a dead animal you probably got him with the fan.

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