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Daytime running lights?


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i sorta wish mine HAD daytime running lights. wanna trade? lol :D:P:D

So do I DD, that's why I run with the fogs on in the day on my '93 STS. That may sound odd, but statisically DRL's have cut way down on wrecks, and anyway that I can stop some moro--- uh, non thinking individual from pulling out in front of me, I'll do it. The last thing I want is my spotless Cadillac using some other car for brakes..

Up where I live you can drive some shady country roads at a pretty good clip, and the last thing you want is hay hauling truck, or a soccer mom van pulling out in front of you at 50 mph (posted)...it happens...frequently. Even in town, in traffic I swear the fogs have stopped a pull-out (in front of me) more than once.

If it stops ONE wreck, that's enough for me.

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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