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Cd changer addition


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Hello all, I have a 12 disc changer from my 1996 eldorado ETC and i would love to install it into my 96 Deville but there doesnt appear to be a plug in the right side of the trunk for it. The mount is there for the changer though, I also bought the stereo that has the source buttons instead ofjust the am/fm tape button. I do not want aftermarket stereo but i would love to have a cd player, especially a changer.

Maybe someone knows something about this?

Thanks to all in advance


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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It is possible the wiring is buried behing the trunk carpet. Have you removed the trunk carpet on the right side?

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The wire is not there. It seems that the cars that got the stereo with the source button or cd button are the only ones that got it


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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only cars with an AMP in the trunk have the multi CD option.

I believe I am the only nut who converted my whole '96 system to a '99 system. it was a multi year project, and I finished about 1 year ago by installing all 11 factory speakers. It was a major job.

I installed the CD/RDS head unit, the matching AMP, 11 speakers, the 12 disk, and many many feet of factory wire & connectors that was removed from a '99.

seems you still need an AMP, and all the wireing.

I know the feeling of wanting to keep the entertainment system stock.

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