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Trunk has always ben noisy. I think I almost made my 6yr old son soil his pants last night. It was quiet in the garage, and I hit the trunk release, and BOOM. that's the noise the trunk makes, then came the creeky noise. my son was in the drivers door with me, and came into my arms all scared. made me wonder if I should oil the trunk mechanism so it doesn't creek. I never paid attention to the noise, but now that I know it's there, I must do something about it.

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It may be the 2 bars that run across the front upper side of the trunk that run from one hinge to the other.

They may be touching each other as they flex when the trunk opens.

I had one several years ago that creaked.

I took a piece of rubber hose... about 3 foot long...split it lengthwise, and put it on one of the bars.

Zip tied it about every 8 inches...no more creak when trunk opened.

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I think the Deville uses extension springs for the trunk mechanism, not the tortion springs like Jim mentions. I know the Seville uses extension springs but look anyway. If there are tortion bars, there should be a rubber sleeve on one of the bars like Jim described. Maybe it has moved out of position? You mention a Boom noise which I interpret as the trunk flies open? If so, the spring(s) may need to be moved into a different position on the bracket in order to reduce the tension.

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