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Mildew/Smell...Take out the Cabin Air Filter, CLEAN the Filter chamber, Spray Lysol into the Filter Chamber (FAN ON). Turn off fan, install Clean/New CAF, wait about 15 minutes.


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There is a kit that GM sells if I recall that gets poured through the cowl intake....

But you need to make sure that the drain is open and not clogged

Then I would flush water with bleach CAREFULLY through the cowl intake to kill the mildew and flush it well

There is an AFTERBLOW feature that can be invoked that will cut down on the mildew, it will run your HVAC fan after the engine is turned off to 'dry off' the evaporator

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1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

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