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    2000 cadillac deville base
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    Northstar 4.6L V8 (LD8/L37)

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  1. if something does go wrong with GM or they do end up going under. what will what mean to us? will there be less replacement parts and/or service for our cars? im a bit worried. also i just want you all to know that this was the first site i visited on my brand new laptop i got for graduation lol. i came right on caddyinfo when i turned her on.
  2. can you give me a quick rundown on how i would do something liek that? im a youngin. and a newbie
  3. ok so my gas gauge is digital and it reads sometimes that i have a full tank, which i KNOW i dont. also sometimes it reads that its empty when i KNOW it isnt. everytime i start it, the gauge usually goes right up to full, bar by bar. i dont know whats wrong? maybe a fuse or could it be something bigger?
  4. problem was fixed and i just taped off the wires frmo the stock sub. not gunna mess with it anymore
  5. well i took the amp ground off and abandoned the whole project but when i try to put the negative back down to the body itself.. it sparks i need the car by tomorow i have a really important weekend coming up
  6. i was trying to add an amplifier and subwoofers to my 2000 deville and i unscrewed where the negative was coming from the car and put a ground wire from the amp on that bolt and put it back, also i cut the rear stock subwoofer wires and wired them into a line out converter and then the car wouldnt start. the positive on the battery IS screwed back on and the negative sparks when i try to put it back down on the car itself to screw it back down. i took the amp ground off and the car still wont start and the negative still sparks. im getting no lights or no electricity to the car WHATSOEVER.. what went wrong? what do i do? please help
  7. thank you and sorry for my rudeness.. was having a bad day yesterday
  8. i really appreciate the help i've recieved on this post.
  9. i dont really get it. but hey, im tired so yah lol
  10. 2000 cadillac deville 82k miles. i get around 14 mpg around the city at 40 mph ( i know it sucks but its worth it) and around 22 mpg on the highway averaging 80 mph
  11. whenever i turn on my a/c or my heater, it seems to smell really weird. anyone know what it could be?
  12. man be careful.. a girl at my work had a nissan with a misfiring cylinder.. her engine is now blown and is screwed out of a car. get that checked out asap man
  13. could be useful if buying a car over the internet and cant tell from the pics... ask for a picture of the tire identification number.
  14. turns out i have a lifetime warrenty on my brake pads... and that the rotors and pads were replaced just in september. what else could be wrong?!
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