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type of coolant?


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ONLY GREEN, dont use Dexcool in a cast iron engine

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Fill the radiator and then fill the tank to the full cold mark. Check it again after the next couple of runs.

Mike, Why do you say no Dex in a cast iron engine? I think my wife's '96 Bonneville is cast iron and has Dex.

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There is no benefit to be realized using Dexcool in an engine that has had silicated coolant in it before as the silicates deplete the corrosion inhibitors from the Dex requiring replacement every two years anyway.

I think Mike was referring to the 4.3L V-6 that had issues with Dexcool - only when the owners failed to keep the coolant at the proper level and the inners of the engine rusted and clogged the cooling system. The idiots in the news media distorted the facts so that DexCool was to blame when it was the vehicle owners who didn't keep the coolant at the proper level.

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