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Roadtrip report: Texas - South Carolina

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My Wife, son and I drove from Plano, Texas to Georgetown, South Carolina earlier this week, returning last night. The trip is 1,167 miles each way, and we did marathon 19 hour drives. We have found that we prefer that to staying overnight and taking 2 days. We stopped for gas when the CTS got to 1/2 tank, and went in to pickup meals then back on the way.

Our CTS did great for the trip, handling a week's worth of suitcases and gear for 3 people with no problem. We got 26.3mpg on the way there, and climbed up to 26.6 mpg on the way back. Touring speed was generally the speed limit +3-5mph, so 73mph most of the way. Coming out of Dallas one can take Interstate 20 all the way across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to reach Columbia, South Carolina. Then mostly back roads across to the Atlantic coast and Georgetown. We had some weather both ways, with a lot of fog through South Carolina.

The most inexpensive regular unleaded gas along the way was $1.34 in SC. I think our high was $1.69 along the way, so quite a variance from place to place, state to state.

Between the portable Nav system, 3 phones, and portable DVD player, we did run short of power sockets, so I'll have to consider that for next trip. Everyone had headphones for every portable gadget, which helped greatly. While there we upgraded my Wife's headphones to more sound isolating, noise canceling headphones from a Radio Shack. That trip actually added some adventure -- from some reason the clerk did a manual entry for the credit card, so my credit card company disabled the card until they could talk to me. Unfortunately they were calling me at home and not on the road. Soon sorted out, and not a problem so much as a trip note.

A portable DVD player helped immensely with the passenger happiness for such a long trip. I would also consider taking one for each passenger next trip.


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A friend and I made the trip from Austin to Myrtle Beach in my DeVille in '98. Of course we played golf the whole way and went through Boone, NC on the way to MB. Great trip! We went to the Southern 500 at Darlington and stopped at Talladaga on the way back. From Talladega to Austin was 'fast'.

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