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  1. I'll get under it later this week and replace the sensor. Access problem has to do with a small air-tube feeing though the firewall....with the angle of the sensor and that tube, getting some leverage on the sensor is a problem. I have two different tools to loosen/tighten the sensor, just can get the leverage. Will let you know what I find with the wiring when I find the problem. Thanks Dave
  2. Well, hmm... I've looked at the circuit diagrams and I doubt #16 has anything to do with issue. The fuse panel is 'upside-down' and #16 is on the first row. All circuits on #16 are within the car interior. The 20A blown fuse was not on the first row of fuses>reading from closest to the driver with fifth row being closer to the engine compartment. More likely it was #7 which is the AC/FDC/CCP/cluster?/defog relay. #7 circuit goes to the AC clutch and is HOT only in RUN. Haven't run the engine since finding the blown fuse. I wasn't looking for what wasn't working other than the
  3. Thank you for your response. No, the AC compressor has been disabled by the computer due to low pressure. AC compressor has been leaking at the front seal for some time. Wiring still plugged in but I figured is the computer won't let the clutch engage nothing bad will happen. I've been waiting for cooler weather to change the unit and repair the system. (That compressor is 18yrs old and I've sure gotten my monies worth from it. I rebuilt the system in '98 and changed to R134a) I've had a new speed sensor on the shelf for some time....guess I'll get after that too. I'll try an tr
  4. 1987 DeVille 110000mi Analog speedometer quit working (I've seen this before but it always started working again) Smoke from accessory side of engine.....smells electrical. Can not locate where it's coming from/no smell in cabin). FDC/CCP worked a few days ago when I pulled codes E13 and some BCM codes having to do with the bad AC compressor. Today the FDC and the CCP is dead. All the panel segments illuminate w/key ON and car starts/runs well. Stumped. Can use some advice, thanks Dave
  5. Yes, it's pretty-close to 20'. Starts from the rack, goes along the LH firewall, fender, makes a 90° to behind center of the grill, makes a 180° to double-back past the rack another 7' to the reservoir. The unopened bottle of PSF I have is mineral-oil based. Trying to find PSF selling in 2015 that applies to 1987 specs is the question. Thanks Dave
  6. The system has never been flushed. Closest its been was '08 when I replaced the engine. Looked at it recently and it's nasty. SM indicates GM PSF1052884. I have 1 unopened qt GM #89020661. That # is discontinued and replaced by #89021182. The capacity of the '87 system is 1.3qt according to the SM. Hard to believe since the cooler line is .375" and over 20' long. I'd like to run a half-gallon, of some cheap brand, through the system to clean the complete system. Advice on what to use for that gal? Any brands compatible with the GM part numbers? Thanks Dave
  7. Fixed. Had to work with mirror to get a good visual. The nut-part of the 2-piece petcock was still there and loose. Could not pass an awl very far into that peice so I assumed the stem had broken at the threaded end. Was able to grab the threaded nut part with a small needle-nose plier. Once I was able to squeeze the piece together it disappeared into the radiator bottom. Installed the new petcock and this time tightened it only finger tight. Refilled with AF and let the engine run, in the driveway for 30min. All is well the old girl is back in the lineup. Dave
  8. Hi Haven't been here for a long time.....sick. Back in '08 I replaced my 4.1 engine and radiator. Did the flush/fill in '10, '12 and again a few days ago. Did a test drive and 'service now' plus the fan light illuminated. Luckily I was close to home. Drove onto driveway and saw a telltale coolant trail. What had happened was the plastic petcock twist out/in piece had broken off, apparently when the system got to pressure. Radiator manuf overnighted me a new petcock (free). What I have is a plastic part of the petcock innard still in the drain. The part they sent me doesn't look like
  9. 1987 Coupe DeVille Driver-side WW nozzle sprays pattern at lower 6" of windshield. I've attempted all the usual nozzle aiming methods to no avail. Anyone know the method used to adjust/aim the spray pattern? Thanks Dave
  10. Looking for the OE GM part number: ported vacuum valve/switch that releases the Cruise Control when brake-pedal applied on my'87 DeVille. Closest I've come is the AC Delco 212-346 which the local Delco parts stores sez will fit, but when I input that into other sites....all say it is incompatible with my vehicle. If someone can relay the GM number, maybe I can 'cross' it to the aftermarket. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
  11. Never mind. Fixed with replacement spring from the Help catalog. Solved idle, downshift, and CC ills.
  12. I recall that sometime ago Cadillac came out with a revised/heavier throttle return spring for the 80s TB vehicles. OE spring became weak over time and the weakened spring caused idle problems, among others. Anyone know the part # of that revised spring or specifications of it? Thanks
  13. Need RockAuto current discount code. Daughter bought a 2000 Mystique and it's sick. Looking to buy expensive alternator at RA. Thanks
  14. Could be the system 'seeing' high-turn On voltage. Can also be caused by wrong spark plugs being used.
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