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replaced wires and cap now backfires through carb!?


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well anyone out there that may know this problem that i have. my car failed smog due to my ignition system being faulty. so i replaced the sparkplugs (in which i found the old ones were bad and gapped at .075 when they should have been gapped at .060.) oh by the way i have an 82 cadillac coup deville with the v8 4.1L. then i replaced the sparkplug wires and then i replaced the distributor cap and rotor. my mistake was not labeling the distributor cap as i should have. any help please??? i am stuck right now until i am able to get my car going. oh and all it does right now is crank and back fire through the carb. :bsmeter::huh:

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You have some of the wires crossed.

Wrong wire going to the wrong plug or to the wrong hole in the distributor.

Do you have the firing order? If not... it is stamped on the intake manifold.

I don't know the firing order of your Cadillac, off the top of my head....

but on the manifold it will look something like this.... 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2

Put the wires in the right place and it should cure your backfiring.

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Always pull ONE wire at a time NEVER all of the wires. I had a friend do this when we were kids, he called me in a panic.

As Ranger noted, its, 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 from a counter-clockwise rotation starting at the ignition hot-wire side of the cap terminal

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