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So I drive up in my Cadillac

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I was on my way out of a building after a weekend chore, and I'm thinking to myself, looking at my CTS in the empty parking lot, "Here you are, you drive up in your Cadillac..." and was about to go on with a whine about having to be there for the chore on the weekend. Then it struck me, with that START, how bad can the story be? I drive up in my Cadillac is a great start to almost ANY story, as it certainly indicates that parts of your day / life / story are going very well. When you arrive in a fine luxury performance sedan or coupe, everything else improves.

I worry about the economy, the environment, and I regularly donate to our church and to charities. But I REALLY enjoy the look, the feel, and the visceral experience of driving a fine automobile. I'm not saying it has to be a Cadillac, but that's sure a great way to go to ensure that you have a terrific vehicle and a great value.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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I shall drink a toast to your sentiments. :D I feel the same way. I'm fortunate enough to have two - an Eldorado and a Jaguar XJS convertible. Both great cars and they compliment one another. I am fortunate indeed...

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You are absolutely correct.

Anytime you start with....

I drove up in my Cadillac......it can't be ALL BAD. :D

I get down also.. hearing all the doom and gloom news. It is hard NOT to.

When I do that... I try to think of what I DO have instead of what I DON'T have.

It helps that I have a nice Cadillac to take my mind off of all the bad news thats coming from every direction.

Taking another little road trip this weekend... In the Cadillac, of course.

My Uncle and Aunt are celebrating their 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. They are going to retake their wedding vows and all that stuff. It should be fun.

We are taking my 82 year old Mother with us. She wanted to drive her own Cadillac El Dorado but I talked her out of THAT idea. :D

She is about 10 years past taking road trips by herself. :D:D But she won't admit it.

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