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  1. No interest so these parts are going into the trash tomorrow.
  2. Thank you Bruce. I do hope someone is looking for a bargain, however if no one is they are going in the dumpster. Roger
  3. I have two Spicer 545-1052 sway bar link kits and ywo MOOG 520-1219 strut mounts I'd like to sell. I bought these parts for a '97 Eldorado I owned and never used them. They are brand new unused and in the original packing. $75.00 including shipping for all four parts. If not sold within the next few days they're going in the trash. I hate to throw them out but I'm not going to use them and I tired of tripping over 'em. Pics available on request and we can use PayPal. Thank you all, Roger
  4. No interest, the manuals are going in the trash and I will stash some parts under my work bench and the rest will go in the trash as well. Oh well...
  5. Hi all, I have some parts for sale for the '97 Eldorado I once owned. The parts are the two volume workshop manual, two front strut mounts, two front sway bar end links in the original boxes. All brand name parts and not cheap stuff. $150.00 plus shipping. I'm not trying to make money on this stuff - only trying to get some of it back and get them out of my garage. If interested please contact me off forum. I can provide part numbers and photos. Thanks, Roger
  6. "Most shops around here dont have a clue othe than the money part. It is all about the speed it takes to do it and how to beat the flat rate." Sadly, so very true, which is why I do my own work as well.
  7. Thanks, he bought a new one from Advance (there's one walking distance from the house) about $200.00. It's all about available time, or lack of it.
  8. Junior's problem is a blown radiator header tank. He replace the 24508958 filter that was leaking and some worn hoses and when he fired up his car the right side header tank split a good two to three inches. When he pulled the radiator out that header tank was full of stress cracks...common failure point on radiators with plastic header tanks.
  9. Thanks Jim. DUCT must be an acronym for this. Junior paid mom and dad a visit last night and this "DUCT" popped a leak in the driveway. So...we're out in the driveway with a drop light, in the dark, in front of the car trying to find this leak. I got most of the in the way parts removed, a couple of hoses disconnected. Junior found this hole this morning while installing new hoses and looking for his leak. Now we have a better idea of what we are doing and so on. His mom's car is in the garage waiting for some new coil packs that are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and his car is in my driveway... Update...It's looking more and more like Junior has a popped radiator...Film at 11:00.
  10. This part number 24508958 sprung a leak in the driveway last night.
  11. Thanks, that makes sense... I've attached a picture of a "fitting" in the same are that's leaking; what is it? I'm going to attach a better picture. The part number is 24508958. It sprung a leak in my driveway last night. The car is Junior's.
  12. Hi, On the 2003 vintage Seville can anyone tell me what the plastic tank under the left front corner of the car that has the "snap on/off" white plastic cover is? It appears to be a drain or storage surge tank of some type. The cover has a hose goining into it and is held in place by 4 sets of plastic clips. The heater hose and pipe come around the back of the motor into a 3 branch plastic coupler with three hoses. It's a fairly elaborate system with one hose connected to a housing just bheind the water pump... Thanks,
  13. Tried 4.7K ohm and it doesn't work. IMO the resolution will come in several parts. I will keep the forum informed...
  14. I have educated myself! I'm now convinced that he has the F55 suspension option in his car (MY2003). We cut off and discarded the original plugs. The Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS)...is most likely causing the trans shifting problems(?). I'm inclined to think that simple resistors won't emulate/turn off or otherwise solve our problems...? Simulators of some sort? Turn off the option in the cars computer/s? Thanks Roger
  15. Thanks, He's coming by tomorrow night and I'm going to cut the resistors off and measure the resistance. I have a Fluke DVOM. Of course I didn't measure the resistance when we installed the shocks/struts... I'll check the RPO codes as well. He really takes care of his car, it looks like it just came out of the showroom. Black on black with tinted windows, real nice.
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