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2006 CTS engine rattle


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Possible causes that come to mind:

  • Exhaust leak or cracked exhaust manifold.
  • Motor support loose, with something touching.
  • Loose flywheel bolt(s).
I'm assuming that you have run the codes and don't see anything, and that you're sure that you don't have a really bad carbon build-up. I suggest that you raise the hood before you start it one fine morning and find out what part of the engine that it's coming from. A wooden dowel or an 18" socket extension to use as a contact stethoscope might be useful.

If it's in warranty, finding out where the noise is, or even exactly what it is, is a good move. I once had a dealer change my cat on warranty for what turned out to be a bent heat shield rattling against the exhaust pipe, which they didn't fix -- I pushed it with my thumb later.

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Scroll to top... click on caddyinfo.com to far left... click on "How to"... then go to "reading self diagnosis codes"... there is alot of other useful info in the how to section.

Post your codes here if you cannot find what they mean.


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